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Administrative Policies
Shelter In Place Policy
Harassment Policy
Discharge Policy
Behavior Management/Child Abuse Statement
Medical Policy
Illness Policy
Medication Policy
Injury Policy
Insurance and Fees
Drop Off Policy
Meals and Snacks
Parents Responsibility
Quiet/Rest Time
Field Trips
Late Pick Up
Grievance Policy

Our Program

The children are introduced to a balanced program of interaction with friends in both teacher-directed and child-directed experiences. The daily schedule includes free choice of time spent in the learning centers, group times for creative movement, music, storytelling, and dramatization. Field trips are also part of the children's experiences. The program we pursue is geared toward helping children develop habits of observation, questioning, and listening. It gives each child the awareness of their own feelings and right to express those feelings, sometimes channeling them into more appropriate means of expression. The children learn that they are free to make choices as long as they stay within limits of consideration for other people and things. Children are treasured for their uniqueness and individuality and are encouraged in self- expression. Such an open-minded program prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities for future learning tasks. Our program is child-centered and based upon the beliefs that play is the best way for children to learn. Our approach is individualized to meet each child's needs and interests. Each classroom is organized with centers for creative art, literature, science and pre-math, dramatic play, and cognitive and small motor development. These centers encourage reenactment of life's roles. The environment is planned to stimulate imagination, creativity, socialization, exploration and discovery, while challenging the use of muscles important to developing bodies.

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