Please explore the handbook by clicking on the links below:
Administrative Policies
Shelter In Place Policy
Harassment Policy
Discharge Policy
Behavior Management/Child Abuse Statement
Medical Policy
Illness Policy
Medication Policy
Injury Policy
Insurance and Fees
Drop Off Policy
Meals and Snacks
Parents Responsibility
Quiet/Rest Time
Field Trips
Late Pick Up
Grievance Policy

Insurance and Fees

  • A once a year fee of $5.00 per child is billed to your account to cover accident insurance from BBT Carson. May is the annual billing date.
  • Parents receive an Agreement Form with the application form stating the rates agreed upon for services rendered. Enrollment fee at the time of application in $25.00 for one child, $40.00 for two or three children.
  • Payments should be made by Tuesday evening of the current week of service unless otherwise agreed upon to avoid a $20.00 late payment fee. A $35.00 charge will be added for all returned check. Two returned checks will require future payments to be made by money order.

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