Our hours of operation M-F 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. with the possibility of evenings.
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04/03/2011 mrsjpatterson My daughter has been going there since sept and it is now april. She LOVES it. It is VERY clean and well organized. The price is great and she has already learned so much it is just absolutly amazing. I would recommend Precious memories to any parent!! We love it!!!!!!!
08/26/2011 Diana Faulconer I am very impressed with your facility. This looks like a haven for kids. Every parents should be proud to have their precious ones to develope preciuos memories in your center. The staff looks happy and friendly which is a great asset to a successful administration such as yours. I wish you all the best of success in what you do. Molding little lives for their future, yet touching them for a lifetime. I have a vested interest in the owner/director knowing her compassion and committment for these precious lives. Pat certainly has a gift of what she does and that is loving, caring and giving unselfishly.You community is blessed to have her enriching the lives of families all around. To her staff :you all will experience a wealth of knowledge that will carry you far in your carreer and/or family skills. Count this an honor to be mentored by Pat. "SON"shine to all!
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It is with great joy and pride that I welcome you to Precious Memories Kid Care. Our curriculum, facility, grounds, and equipment at this center enables us to provide a state of the art program.


We love having the opportunity to share this program with you and your children. We want your experience with us to be a pleasant and positive one. We strive to make the atmosphere at Precious Memories Kid Care healthy, happy, and nurturing. We invite you to keep communication open with us so that we can successfully enhance your child's time with us.


We offer family oriented childcare with responsible licensed caregivers, structured learning, free play, organized preschool and after school programs, nutritious meals, and lots of tender loving care. Please take time to read the information handbook and if you have any questions feel free to call or stop in anytime.


PreciousMemories Kid Care, LLC is an equal-opportunity child-development center servingthe community on a non-discriminatory basis. Whether your child is new to the childcare or preschool experience or aseasoned veteran, Precious Memories Kid Care, LLC offers programs that are age-and developmentally-appropriate. All programs offered by Precious Memories KidCare, LLC are designed to help children and families with transitions and growth.
PreciousMemories Kid Care, LLC is an equal opportunity provider who does not permitdiscrimination because of race, color, sex, special needs, or national origin.


PreciousMemories Kid Care, LLC is a state-licensed child development center covered by liability insurance.  Precious MemoriesKid Care, LLC has an “open- door policy” in which parental visits, conferences,and observations are encouraged.  PreciousMemories Kid Care, LLC follows all rules and regulations of the West VirginiaDepartment of Health, the West Virginia Department of Human Resources, theOffice of the West Virginia Fire Marshall, and the West Virginia Department of Education.

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